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Earned Brand Equity.

Posted in Global Outlook by Ryan Thomas on March 3, 2009

You can try and make a brand great, but a teacher of mine has a saying:

“You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter.”

Here is a case of real earned brand equity.

Google has honored the birthday of the talented Doctor Seuss with a Google logo. This is the one place on the Internet that is not for sale. No amount of begging or pleading will get you a Google logo, you have to earn that kind of attention, and it could not have happened to the legacy of a more brilliant man.

How many people see the front page of Google anyhow?

How many people see the front page of Google anyhow?

About a year ago I sat in a BMV bookstore with the love of my life and read “If I Ran The Zoo” (out loud the way it was meant to be experienced). It was as fun then as it was when I was 8.


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  1. Missy said, on March 3, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    The second I saw this logo, it was a brilliant start to the day. I rarely remember Google logos other than the day they mark calendar holidays I forgot about, or maybe something historic. There are few people who could’ve come up with this kind of instant recognition and not suffered the slings and arrows of anti-capitalism. Sure the movie sucked but Dr. Suess, nah he was as real as the Grinch – who I still think was modelled after my father.

    Nice blog Ryan, keep up the snappy sharp wit and reward your GF for her excessively cute support. See ya soon.

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