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Everyone is twitter’n since Obama.

Posted in Uncategorized by Ryan Thomas on March 3, 2009


I have been following the twitter blog for the Pirate Bay trial but this is way cooler.

If you have ever wondered what it was really like to sit on a jury at a major awards show, the writer of adverblog will not only be judging but has been approached to twitter about the experience – for the ONE show no less!

From what I have heard there will probably be a lot of posts that look like this:

6:43pm – “My god, how many more spots do I have to see”

7:15pm – “I peed a little, laughing about a cellphone spot, I’m not to be excused.”

8:15pm – “Seriously, how many more ads could there be?”

9:00pm – “That makes two meals of pizza, in 24 hours, call for help.

11:30am – “This is a violation of human rights, does the UN know about this?”

Bookmark her site, and stay posted from the ONE Show in NYC.

Want 'ONE'

Want 'ONE'

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