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“Interweb the Rainbow.”

Posted in Method to the Madness by Ryan Thomas on March 3, 2009

Try it you’ll like it.

I have been joking with my friends that ever since Obama twitter has hit critical mass and now you’re a sucker if you’re not updating about your latest trip to the fridge.

But Skittles is really doing something neat here. Turning over their whole website to the community and embracing Skittles culture – by turning their homepage into a web portal to social media sites.

The work here comes from who has also remixed the rainbow in another older digital effort for the brand.

Taste the engagement.

Taste the engagement.

Which of course leads to some new and interesting questions:

1) Creating this powerful space for brand advocates are they isolating new consumers?

2) What is the average age of the consumer that Skittles is targeting?

3) Who wrote that great line? Interweb the Rainbow, come on that’s freaking great!

4) Is this method online community management cheaper than traditional web spaces?

So many questions, so much more fun to play with their bright new toy.

NOTE: Laughing Squid has a post pointing to two other executions of this technique before the Skittles launch but the missing recipe in both those cases is the kind of brand energy that Skittles’ more traditional advertising has brought to the table.


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