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Please Hire Sean!

Posted in Change Something by Ryan Thomas on March 3, 2009

I wonder what the Droga5 watershed for views on youtube is before they hire a talented passionate guy solely based on his digital public plea:

You gotta figure this is the company behind Bike Hero – 2 million views.

The company that gave Net10 Cellphones Are Evil – 300,000 views.

Oh yah, and the company that put Mark Ecco on the freaking map – 1/2 a million views, and picked up by 17,000 media outlets.

I say that a good 1,200 should do it. That sounds fair after all creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it takes the whole Droga5 team to make magic.

I’m going to contact Sean and see if this video gets him in the door.

Good Luck Sean, wish I had have thought to do that – or had the gonads to go though with it.

Sean’s work can be seen at his web page – here.


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