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There is a Bell Joke Here: The Return of the Kotex Beaver

Posted in Global Outlook by Ryan Thomas on March 4, 2009

Fun fact: ‘Beaver’ as a nickname originated as a North American colloquialism, Australia has its own equally charming words and worries about the term beaver not being common enough almost killed the concept.

Conversation about the original spot with more fun facts can be found here:

Thanks to the Gruen Transfer you too can know the most common names for vagina because of  research done by Galaxy Research for Kimberly Clark.

Nicknames most commonly used by women when referring to their own vagina/vulva area*

Euphemism %

1. Down there 56
2. Pussy 54
3. Fanny 39
4. Downstairs 39
5. Muff 30
6. Punani 24
7. Box 22
8. Bush 19
9. Vajayjay 18
10. Snatch 17
11. Beaver 11
12. Map of Tassie 9
13. Minge 7
14. Kitty 7
15. Honey pot 3

* Study conducted by Galaxy Research on behalf of Kimberly Clark

Variations by State
– In NSW and Queensland, more likely to hear women use “pussy” than “down there”, which is #1 in all other states.
– In Victoria, “box” is more likely to be used than in any other state.
– “Snatch” is more popular in Queensland and South Australia than elsewhere.
– “Map of Tassie” is most used in Victoria/Tasmania and Western Australia.
– Women in Queensland and WA have adopted “vajayjay” from Grey’s Anatomy ahead of women in other states.

See all this time you thought research was a waste of your time. Turns out you just have to ask the right questions.


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