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Posted in Method to the Madness by Ryan Thomas on March 6, 2009

Personally I blame Due North for shorting the attention spans of consumers to near microsecond levels – with their new Get A Load Of Milk campaign (which won a CASSIE about a month ago).

Here is a new Samsung Ultra Touch Viral – it’s half a million hits of AD goodness, right down to the Japanese high speed voice over:

I’ll update when I find out which agency was behind these spots – but I have a strange feeling that it was The Viral Factory out of London, this work has the same kind of weirdness as their UNBOXING spot:

If you’re not from Canada, here are some of the 5 second milk ads peppered all over Canadian television:

Seriously though, ever since GOT MILK? North America has been awash in almost insane milk advertising – and GOT MILK? launched in 1993.

I’m amazed more agencies don’t start asking “Why don’t we have a milk account?”


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