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I’m huffing glue – Hooked on The Glue Society

Posted in Method to the Madness by Ryan Thomas on March 9, 2009

Seriously. A short while ago this blog featured a post about the Glue Society. Embarrassingly enough under the heading “Shops you have never heard of”. Now they have new artwork featured in Creativity Magazine, and after a good long look through some of their portfolio I’m amazed at the vision they bring to the advertising world.

This new piece for the Pulse art fair is stunning, whimsical and downright bizarre:





Not only is the idea behind this piece smart, but it’s perfectly executed. At 15 feet tall, doubt anyone seeing this piece would not be stopped in their tracks.

But on a deeper level, The Glue has plugged into something few shops today have really fully realized:

We are a mobile culture, socially networked together.

Those that spend hard earned dollars chasing after that mystical moment where cellphones become the next advertising venue are missing the bigger picture.

Convergence in phone technology has polarized consumers in profound ways, they are in the streets and socially engaged OR online in all that entails. On the move and online – these are amazing places to truly engage and astound your audience. Let consumers have their phones as a private place and make the world around them richer and more engaging, that way they have something to talk about.

Here are some more amazing projects by The Glue Society:

42 Below Vodka – “Because we can” – Chairs

Bondi Sculpture by the Sea, 2006 exhibition in Sydney, Australia


Burger King – Chicken Fight – Concept: Crispin Porter + Bogusky – Direction: Glue Society

If you’re not huffing the fumes yet, one day you’ll regret it.

Oh and you can buy the hobo/pigeon sculpture for $40,000.


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  1. b said, on March 23, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    If I ever win the Lottery, I might buy that statue. It’s just so awesome! lol

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