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The race for the coolest office in the coolest city is on!

Posted in Global Outlook, Shop Talk by Ryan Thomas on March 9, 2009


Montreal firm Sid Lee has opened-up shop in Amsterdam, and by shop I mean it has a retail store, café, and sunken boardroom with ramp:



And now Michael Jansen and Bas Kirsten, co-founders of Selmore and former ECD’s at DDB’s operations in Holland,  launched a new shop in Amsterdam called Nothing. A shop built almost entirely out of cardboard:



Now with Taxi coming to town it’s no doubt that Amsterdam is going to be experiencing a gold rush for great interior designers in the upcoming years as more and more shops set up in Europe’s emerging creative capital.

Amsterdam is so hot right now...

Amsterdam is so hot right now...

Ignore Dubai – its dubious promise of riches has already become tarnished. As for the 31% of voters, I would chalk it up to people who believe that the country’s 80 billion Euro debt is manageable – I’m a little more sceptical.

Offices do in part help attract great creative staff. Heck they help attract great staff in general, and if more shops are set to open in Amsterdam and Holland I can’t wait to see how the window dressing bar gets raised.

Anyone remember that old advertising line about wanting staff to be slightly uncomfortable? I think it was from Phil Dusenberry…


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  1. Brent Morris said, on March 9, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Dubai is proof that just because you have a bunch of cash, doesn’t mean you can “wing” being a first-class city.

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