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Great tools for Pitch’n Speck

Posted in Get High Fives by Ryan Thomas on March 10, 2009

The pitch process for agencies and speck work for aspiring juniors can be a time consuming nightmare or a source of incredible opportunity.

Problem in both cases is that you won’t know till you do ’em. As a copywriter, I can’t tell you the amount of times I have shown my book and all a prospective employer wants to talk about is my visual execution.

Any tool that can help is a welcomed one. With that in mind here are two of my favorite web based tools to help make your vision a reality.

Tilt Shift Maker turns ordinary photos into miniature masterworks:

This photo has been tilt shifted.

This photo has been tilt shifted.

Here is the origional.

Here is the original.

If you have never seen tilt shifting in action before it’s something to behold. Here is just an example of tilt shift in motion. This video is created by Sydney, Australia-based photographer Keith Loutit who creates tilt-shifted time-lapse short films.

Secondly, I can’t recommend this tool enough for rough work on a budget. Of course by budget I mean free. It’s Vector Magic, a quick tool for turning any rasterized image into a vector-based line drawing.



Of course it goes without saying, no program is going to replace the talent, vision or conceptual ingenuity of a half way decent art director – but I’m of the school that when you go to war bring all your arms to bear.

By now most AD’s have stopped reading this and are playing with Tilt Shift Maker, so here is a graph:


See graphs can be fun!

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