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More Art Director Fun and Games!

Posted in Method to the Madness by Ryan Thomas on March 10, 2009

Mocap Technology is a form of animation where actors use a neoprene suit covered in reflective dots to capture fluid human movement and expression. To my knowledge it’s cheaper than classic animation and lends its own unique visual style.

This short film was created using Mocap, and talks about a nightmarish “gray goo” scenario – Nanobots replicating out of control and wiping out all organic matter on the planet.

Good times!

If you’re not an art director and wondering why your AD still wants to use traditional animation, the reason is pretty simple. Though Mocap portrays cartooned versions of real human movement, it can’t bring the exaggeration of classic cartoons such as squash and stretch. Nothing feels quite like traditional animation (maybe toonboom but only animators can use it).

The king of this technique was a man by the name of Tex Avery whose ability to exaggerate these tools will live on forever.

If you’re still watching cartoons, get back to work.

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