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Poke’s prank generates 40,000 Snickers logos in 6 days.

Posted in Make Friends, Method to the Madness by Ryan Thomas on March 10, 2009

Tom Ajello’s works for Poke. Tom Ajello also loves social media.

Imagine my surprise when I got in this evening and found a comment on my blog regarding the make your own snickers logo website.

All the comment said was:

“It was fun”

I figured this was some kind of bizarre spam bot that happened to hit on a phrase I was likely to approve until I followed the link to Tom’s blog.

Tucked away on his side bar was his latest twitter update:

Wow. has rendered 40,000 Snickers Logos since we launched 6 days ago. Weeeeee! Go make yours. 🙂

43 minutes ago


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  1. […] the viral pitch does not have a great track record. and Subway or you all that love that Poke showed Snickers […]

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