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More Thoughts on Lay’s

Posted in Make Friends by Ryan Thomas on March 12, 2009
Commentary From My Editor

Commentary From My Editor

Anne Cayer my editor by night project manager by day shared her thoughts on the new Lay’s webspace. It was such a good comment I have decided it deserves its own post. If there was any question in your head about the value of this massive execution or its success with the female snacking market, put those thoughts to rest:

The beauty of a site like this, I find, is that it relates to the product without being completely in your face. The site is cute and engaging, and makes you remember that sometimes the simple things can be a lot of fun. Which matches the brand well – think of when you’re mostly likely to sit down with a bag of chips & dip: relaxing at home with a movie. (Or maybe at a party after too many drinks, but that’s a whole other branding campaign) This of course has become one of those nice simple things we tend to forget, or at least underestimate. So I find it links well.

There’s also a lot to do, but you have to search for it and it doesn’t quickly become predictable, meaning that the user is likely going to spend that much more time on the site. Always a great idea.

Finally, I LOVE the fact that after the videos, they offer you the artist bio and the option to buy the music. Now that indie/online artists are becoming such a big part of our culture and advertising (iPod anyone?) this is a great way to be cool without seeming like you’re trying too hard.

In short: now that they’ve gotten me to take a few minutes out of my day, to be bombarded with bright colours and cute animations, I want to go home and watch Monster’s Inc with a bowl of chips and salsa.

Seriously the girl is brilliant, and it’s worth noting that a lot of websites have been saying the site loads slow. A lot of people are also using java based web publishing software at the same time. Anne says “it loaded pretty fast over here”.

Do you think Goodby Silverstein & Partners and web developers B-Reel did a good job?

Here are two more spots from what must have cost a fortune to produce!


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