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Youthful Idealism

Posted in Global Outlook by Ryan Thomas on March 13, 2009

Read Yaybia! first.

Because my ideal agency looks less like this:


And more like this:


Yes! Planning should mix with strategy, creative should pillow fight with media.

But I honestly believe it can go farther.

Our industry thrives on our whacked out differences. It lives and breaths in a chameleon skin. I dream of an agency with wildly different world views. Where poor kids can still explode up the ladder from the mail room, where a ‘big life in advertising’ is  even less of a boys club. I dream of accounts where when client asks to target the “young black suburbanite” a writer is there – young and black to speak up.

We all want the best talent, the best educations, but I dream of an agency filled with long shots. That’s where unique voices live.

That’s where we stop saying “I wish I had thought of that”, and start admitting “that we could have never have thought of that”.

I know these ideas are impractical in most scenarios.  But while I know we can’t eat sunshine and shit rainbows, occasionally I remember what made me fired up about advertising in the first place and I’m compelled to share it, for fear of forgetting.

What’s on your Dream Agency wishlist?
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  1. Adam said, on March 13, 2009 at 1:27 am

    Will your agency have no more than 150 people?

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