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Ghost Ad’s – A Judges Work Is Never Done

Posted in Global Outlook by Ryan Thomas on March 16, 2009

There is a great article over at AdFreak right now with Steffan Postaer posting daily updates from the Dubai Lynx Awards.

The post up right now is a fascinating look at ghost work:

We are likely seeing a few ghosts in the Dubai Lynx, and from the usual suspects—a small shop that somehow has media budgets for full-color print or the toy company that hasn’t made advertising in real life (ever) but is somehow represented. Suspicions aroused, we judges are instructed to tell a member of the festival staff. He or she then promptly makes inquiries to the suspected agency and client. Legitimate corroboration is required in order for the advertising to remain in the show.

Last year’s reel was worth the time and I’m sure that this year’s will be just as inspiring. I’ll be sure to post a link when they’re up.

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