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Samsung is doing it wrong!

Posted in Uncategorized by Ryan Thomas on March 19, 2009

Ok ok ok, I gotta admit that this video is pretty rad – heck it showed up on the Wooster Collective.

Here’s the problem…brands have done big wonderful stunts before, but for the love of god at least try to sell something.

In this case London’s The Viral Factory has not fulfilled their end of the bargain. (I praised Viral Factory about a two weeks ago, sue me I’m fickle).

Especially when you compare this work to their direct competitors at Sony and Fallon. I won’t bore you by posting “Balls” or “Paint” or “Play Doh” you’ve seen them a million times. Just recall the spots if you will, they owned perfect middle ground between advertising and art – “color like no other”. There is a reason “Balls” won a Grand Prix at Cannes.

I will subject you to this bit of Color insanity because not enough advertising includes Iron Maiden songs and I imagine that after making Bravia a household name, Fallon was rewarded with full creative control to make one total-money-sink-just-cause-well-they-earned-it spot.

Even now that Bravia has moved beyond its colour usp, the brand is still mixing large scale art with a selling message.


Advertising and creativity can live in harmony, I just don’t know if the LED sheep sell like a good ad should.


(And FYI this is totally my background again)


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