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Sticky Advertising From Taxi and Telus

Posted in From Canada, Method to the Madness by Ryan Thomas on March 19, 2009



Sometimes it can be fun to just do something surprising. Taxi is bringing back the fridge magnet for telecom client Telus. I almost wish I was in Alberta, but judging by the snow I’ll pass.

No cute magnet is worth snow.

Via Marketing Magazine:

The telecom has invaded 18 high-traffic transit shelters with magnet geckos, the latest Telus critter, to promote its Future Friendly Home bundle, which is only available in B.C. and Alberta.

Passersby can grab a gecko magnet, which in B.C. directs them to, and in Alberta, and reads: “Bundle and save on the sure-footed network. You’ll be gripped.”

In case you’re not from Canada, Telus picks a new animal every advertising season, and makes cute ads on a white background anchored with the tag line:

The Future Is Friendly.

In partnership with Taxi, Telus has created a very strong brand position – when you see a white field and cute animal in Canadian advertising you know it’s Telus.

Telus: Red vs. Blue (2006) Taxi

Telus: Hair Cut  (2007) Taxi

Telus: Toy Story (2008) Taxi

This campaign was so popular that for a while in Canada 3 out of 4 Telecoms companies all had animal pitch pets; Fido with dogs, Bell with beavers. The trade off is that the Telus concept has always been open enough to allow for adaptation.

I’m not sad that that beavers are gone.


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