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The Just ONE Project is growing.

Posted in Change Something, From Canada by Ryan Thomas on March 19, 2009

I started this blog with a post about the Just ONE Project from Toronto locals Huxley Quayle von Bismarck. Now they have clients booked and projects rolling.

Via: Marketing Magazine

Connect in Private and the Canadian Newspaper Association have offered campaigns to teams of freelancers assembled from lists of out-of-work professionals who have joined the project, launched by Toronto agency Huxley Quayle von Bismark in January.

“I never thought at our level we could realistically hire an ad agency,” said Bill Montgomery, project manager for Connect in Private, a startup online privacy company. After reading about JOP in The Globe and Mail, he met with HQvB’s trio of founders to discuss his business. With a budget of approximately $300,000 he wants to spread the work about the company’s personal- and enterprise-level privacy services to a national audience. The comparatively low cost of a JOP team was appealing, he said, as was the chance to help those who were jobless during the recession.

I wish Andy Shortt, HQvB and their talented freelance staff nothing but the best with these projects. Though the final launch strategy has not yet been revealed, I hope we’ll be seeing one of these campaigns at the BESSIES, CASSIES, or the ADCC.

Here’s to the community.

(You can’t see it right now but I’m raising my black coffee in the ACLC mug my girlfriend took home when they merged with Zig.)


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