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Award Shows Are The Advertising Of Our Industry

Posted in Change Something by Ryan Thomas on March 20, 2009

Seriously. We tell clients to spend harder when the economy is tanking, that way they’ll dominate mind share and rebound quicker as the market recovers.

Then an intern at the ONE show let’s slip a spending chart and it makes the news.

Via AdAge:

Yesterday an employee of the One Show inadvertently e-mailed a spreadsheet to several ad execs that contained a list of the agencies that have entered the One Show’s 2009 ad awards. The list shows how many entries each agency submitted and how much was spent on those submissions.

In all, there were 9,795 entries for the ad awards, at a total cost to the agencies of $3,507,860. The average cost of an entry was $358. The database does not account for the interactive or design entries to the One Show, just the advertising entries. Last year the One Show had 26,000 entries from 60 countries. Based on the average price for an entry, the One Show received about $10 million in entry fees, though the organization said the figure was far lower.

Listen, we sell for a living. If this is the cost of attracting great talent, getting your name out there to interested parties – that’s pretty cheap.

Think about what your client spent on his last TV spot. If it was not much, think about what FALLON spent for Sony! Iron Maiden! Poodles! HD!

(From now on, I’m going to make an effort to link this spot more often.)

Seriously though, today I thought BBH was a typo when they won an award for their work with WB and Oasis. Until then I did not know the agency existed.

Normally I would never admit that, but I think it illustrates a point – until agencies start buying ad spots for themselves, award shows will continue to be advertising for the ad industry.

That’s why I like Advertising Week so much – it’s a new kind of outreach.


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