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Schick’s Ready For Summer – (Insert Frank and Gordon Joke Here)

Posted in Method to the Madness, Red States by Ryan Thomas on March 22, 2009

Schick’s never ending quest to make us all hairless has taken another step forward this week – so what are the odds a prominent feminist blog disapproves:

This commercial actually brings up the issue of nature and control. I think women should be able to do whatever the hell they please with the hair down there, but I’m also a pretty big fan of letting it just be. Too many of us spend an exorbitant amount of time on “maintenance” when it comes to our bodies, often motivated–not by a sense of playfulness or joy–but obligation, shame, societal pressure. If you find it fun to trim around or wax it off, more power to you, but I wish women didn’t feel like they had to do anything in particular with their own pubic hair in order to be pretty, clean, or acceptable.

Personally I see no harm here. Schick and JWT are late to the body grooming party, first of all, and this same style of spot was comic gold when Philips did it for men.

Could the difference be in the direct comedic read?

Does any ad dealing with our nether regions require comedy to brake through the uncomfortable feelings some people have about their genitals?

Personally the only issue I can see is that most spots that cover these kinds of issues tend to use more dialogue to humanize the actors. This spot was the most complained about spot of the year in Australia:

Again no dialogue and a classic metaphor, the same combo that has got everyone commenting and posting on Schick’s newest ad.

Yet this campaign from Leo Burnett Worldwide for Tampax was received as a breath of fresh air – it’s comedic, full of dialogue and yet still riddled with classic metaphor.

In fact this campaign was so well received that LB and P&G took this campaign to the streets:

So it’s gotta be the writing that sets beef apart from non-beef, or it’s that self actualizing bullshit tone that has been foisted on women for years.

Watch the Schick spot again.

That tone is more unnecessary than an 8th blade and CGI sports heroes.


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