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Posted in Shop Talk by Ryan Thomas on March 23, 2009

Alex Bogusky has an amazing little talk on CP+B alum over at AdAge. Sure he’s waxing nostalgic about a bunch of CP+B alum, but he does make some really nice points about small business leading us out of a recession:

Via AdAge:

The smaller agencies that make up part of that 75% and will be doing the marketing to help lead us out of recession deserve a tip of the hat. The reality is they can do things for their clients the big monster shops can’t. With fewer people and less overhead, they offer the nimble and fast approach to problems a lot of nascent brands need.

The reason I came to Crispin was to get out of being a small-business owner. It was too much stress. So I can’t help but have a soft spot for entrepreneurs who went out and created agencies. It’s an act of extreme courage. There are so many agencies that should be commended, and I’d like to write about all of them, including the Butler Bros, who sent me a T-shirt that I really enjoy wearing. But the softest part of my soft spot is reserved for the agencies that have spun out of CP&B over the years.

The first agency born of a CP&B alum came from a surprising place: a guy who was still a kid when he decided to hang his shingle. At least he seemed like a kid. I remember working on a “Truth” campaign with him. He had been at the agency about 15 minutes and created some of the national launch work, and I looked at him in the edit suite and was like, “Dude, I’ve been working like 15 years to get to this point, and here you are, 15 minutes out of ad school. I could hate you right now.” But I couldn’t hate him because he was such a damn solid individual and a true talent. I should have known from his accelerated path that he would want his own agency before he turned 29. So as a young man, Steve O’Connell struck out on his own and started a shop called Stick and Move.

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