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Videogames the new “5th Network”!

Posted in Uncategorized by Ryan Thomas on March 25, 2009

Funny how you can diddle with data when you lump the ENTIRE video game industry together.

Via Media Week:

Those are just a few of the conclusions that can be drawn of a new report issued by Nielsen PreView called The Video Game Handbook, which provides marketers a sense of the scope and scale of the growing video game audience. According to the data derived from Nielsen’s National People Meter back in the fourth quarter of last year, usage of console video games (gaming systems which are connected to a user’s TV) accounted for a whopping 64 billion minutes in December.

Only four other networks accounted for more viewing time during that period, says the report. And though Nielsen does not identify those networks, based on ratings patterns they are presumed to be CBS, ABC, FOX and NBC.

I’m not saying that advergaming and interactive and engaging websites aren’t worth your client’s dollar – just make sure you clarify if you EVER hear your client say “Videogames are the 5th network.”

Unless you’re trying to sell them something like… I don’t know… this:



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