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The Quest For G – I forgot to post this.

Posted in Blue States, Method to the Madness by Ryan Thomas on March 29, 2009

I was reminded of the The Quest For G today and being the self congratulating blogger that I am tried to link to my old post about Gatorade and the Quest for G.

That’s about the time I realized that I never posted it:


What has become really interesting about this (extremely expensive) video, is the massive hits for one 30 second portion of the video at large.

Note: Code your videos, it’s a great research tool for anything longer then 1 minute.

Namely the one million hits that the JabbaWockeeZ clip has hit. Their inclusion in this Monty Python send up, has been the key factor in spreading this campaign.

As a brand Gatorade has to be happy about this – in recent years two of the pillars of hip-hop have exploded into the public mind space again: dancing and graffiti.

Both of these activities are labour intensive, urban and tied to a strong portion of Gatorade’s market. I give credit to the client who paid for the group’s inclusion and the agency that thought to tie them in.

To see the whole video:

TBWA has tapped into so many markets with “What is G”, “Quest for G” and their other spots that its consumer touch points are almost too numerous to count. When people talk about Transmedia Storytelling, or about micro segmenting your consumer communications they should really be looking to this as a case study.

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