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KFC’s misguided help.

Posted in Blue States, Red States by Ryan Thomas on March 30, 2009

KFC seems to be sending a lot of mixed messages recently. If you have been watching Canadian TV right now, there’s a spot is in heavy rotation. It features a salt of the earth – too attractive truck driver telling me he knows I’m worried that KFC’s chicken might not be fresh.

In truth, no one has ever worried about the freshness of KFC. Sure I have worried about my looks from eating greasy fried bird, about GMO’s and super chickens, and that PETA lady screaming blue murder every time I get near KFC’s front door. I worry about a lot of things when I walk into a KFC.

What I have never worried about is the freshness of their flawlessly deep fried chicken treat. This spot is classic misdirection or honestly misguided.

Which is why I remembered it when I saw this delightful little piece:


I can think of about a million companies I would be happy to have fill my pot holes. KFC, you are not one of them. It’s just odd.

Sure, I love that you have hired a fatter Sanders, but why pot holes or freshness issues for that matter?

And when this idea was pitched to city leaders in Chicago it was pitched:

Via KFC’s Homepage:

March 25, 2009

Dear Mayor:

It is estimated that U.S. roads are riddled with more than 350 million potholes nationwide – that’s one for every man, woman and child in America! Because of long, harsh winters and heavy traffic, cities everywhere are left with more potholes than ever. Add in the fact that asphalt is an expensive product, and the cost of those repairs is higher than ever.

Because of the financially tough times, many cities are delaying construction projects because they need to spend money patching these potholes instead. Some cities are even being forced to cut back on road services and maintenance crews. We at KFC understand that filling every one of these potholes is important and we’re here to help!

In honor of our “Fresh Tastes Best” campaign, we want to come and Re-“Fresh” your roads! The Colonel and his crew are on a mission to help out America and sponsor your city’s “Fresh”ly repaired roads. Every patched pothole comes with the Colonel’s very own stamp of approval.

KFC has been bringing communities together over buckets of chicken for more than 50 years. We invite you and your city to become a part of a new tradition and accept our offer to Re-“Fresh” your roads. Together, we can give your community a much needed break and help keep America moving.


Roger Eaton
President of KFC

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