Big Ideas from a Small World

What am I gonna do with these killed ideas?

Posted in Go Read A Book by Ryan Thomas on March 30, 2009


Submit your great killed ideas, have them published. That’s a brilliant idea.

I really do think that micro-publishing allows the publishing industry to try and and take advantage of some amazing markets. The low overhead on these kinds of projects makes it possible to test the waters in a real and direct way.

In fact, I would love the data on this project. In order to give up an idea to this book of killed ideas, art directors, CDs, and copywriters would have to believe that their idea was truly dead.

I know we all say it. One idea, perfectly matched to a clients product, recent and relevant to the time – now how many of us actually believe that our great cheese idea will never see the light of day? Or that one day that great car ad won’t be a Vespa campaign.

I think I have a few I could part with, but for the most part I flash back to that old story about “A Diamond Is Forever” being pulled from a trash bin and pitched.

I think I’ll hang on to some of my best, just in case…


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