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If media wants to work with advertisers…

Posted in From Canada, Global Outlook by Ryan Thomas on April 6, 2009

Don’t ruin my spot by running it in between a plastic egg boiler and a shamwow. I’ve been to Coney Island and something about the context of the place makes every pitch seem somehow sketchy.

Which is why we need a new position at major media companies:

“Media Controller”

Someone to ensure that valuable advertising clients are not loosing equity because of marketing scams that insult consumer intelligence.  After all you are the clients you take – advertising agencies have known this for years. Facebook is liquid and they would do well to heed that advice.

The Better Business Bureau has put out an alert that many of the dubious ads that have long popped up in e-mails and on websites are now invading online social networks, such as Facebook.

Ubiquitous ads for weight-loss products, work-at-home opportunities and offers for “free” computers can cost shoppers more than they bargained for in the long run, the BBB said.

Last month, the Federal Trade Commission charged that phony offers for individual grants from the federal government stimulus package were cropping up on Facebook. The social network agreed to search them out and kick them off the service. (LA Times)

If legislation has to curb this issue, you’re doing my brand a disservice.

Fifteen million dollars. Fourteen years.

No, these are not the terms of renewal for the Energizer bunny’s contract. It is the possible legal retribution for “misleading advertising,” now that the government has succeeded in making the most significant changes to the Competition Act in two decades. Not only is the advertising industry crying foul over what some call “draconian” penalty increases, but critics claim the government hid the increases in its much hyped economic stimulus budget to rush the changes past Parliament and avoid public consultation. (Marketing Magazine)

Oh and about Coney Island, how cool is this guy?



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