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Custom Tee’s Go Augmented Reality.

Posted in Uncategorized by Ryan Thomas on April 7, 2009

The idea is simple: stand in front of a webcam in your custom tee, and the software picks up your latest twitter post and adds it to the display virtually.

Via Madewithcomputers:


Since my personal experience with webcams is in two categories: conference rooms and the other times (don’t judge, a man has to pay the bills), I can’t really see this affecting my life too much but it’s a cool use of new tech, and would make amazing comedy fodder for future television spots if the tech became wide spread.

Picture it:

Man walks into conference room with augmented reality tie.

Starts talking to clients via webcam.

Little to his knowledge he has not changed his twitter post since last night.

Old British investor sees “tweet pop-up”. Tweet says: The sun never sets on the British empire – god don’t  trust them in the dark.

Old British Guy’s monocle pops off in comedic expression of shock.

Man panics trying to cover barcode reader from webcam display.

Voice over: Every morning you have a choice: It’s Folgers or Failure.

The whole spot could be backed by a girl playing Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 on a thumb piano.

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