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One Last Day Of Winter – Telus Festival

Posted in Going somewhere? by Ryan Thomas on April 7, 2009

This weather has reminded me of something: there is still one day of winter left.

If you’re in the mood for free music, arts and culture and you live on the West side of North America – consider heading to Telus Festival.


Telus has off set the cost of an entire weekend in Whistler BC, down to only $74 per night. When you put that in perspective it’s dirt cheap. Considering the concerts (presented by Zoon) and the extras.

I have to admit I’m a sucker for this kind of event. As a creative though, this is not the best conceived use of an event to fuel a brand.

An event like this has been done many times before. Much Music used to do a snow day with brands in tow for the ride, and Virgin Fest is still a brand leader in mobile phone concert series.

When great creative is paired with event planning the opportunities are endless. I don’t think we need to point any farther than the inspired genius of Crashed Ice  to see what creative and event marketing can do together.

Every year I get a pain when I’m too busy to get to go to this:


Not only is this an insane idea but it’s new and provides a unique experience. Above all it speaks to the core values of the brand the way most music related events do not.

Still, everyone loves a good concert – and hot tubing – and snowboarding.

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