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Opportunity! Crisis! More on Leo Burnett Lisbon

Posted in Global Outlook by Ryan Thomas on April 23, 2009

Two days ago I wrote about a tool from Leo Burnett Lisbon. Today a talented mind at Poke in NYC called me on my shit.

No I had not actually installed it. It was a great branding exercise but when Poke talks about creating simple clear single ideas – they comes from a place of consumer understanding. There is a reason Tom is asking.

We are inherently distrustful of installing or committing to things on the Internet. Make it load fast, make it zero commitment, and make it worth my time.

In short here is my quick review of Leo Burnett’s Opportunity App:


That is the previous post I had written on the app as seen through the eyes of Leo Burnett. It’s charming, it makes the point.

And here is the Wikipedia page for Crisis:


There you go you’ve seen it. So I’ll save you the downside to this whole process.

I’m a passive participant in it. That was it nothing more I can do with it. Now I have to uninstall it. This all could have been achieved much more simply with in browser technology.

Head over to Made with Computers and check out the post on Markkit. The click to test feature is fantastic. Leo could have taken this as an opportunity to make their homepage the portal to opportunity on the web.

Viewing the web through a Leo portial site would have really driven the point home. Instead my browsing experence is slower and I have to remember where the uninstall feature is on Firefox.

Thanks Tom.


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  1. Ryan Thomas said, on April 23, 2009 at 11:16 am

    Instead of an app how cool would this have been?

    But for opportunity.

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