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Coke changing the Agency Client Relationship.

Posted in Global Outlook by Ryan Thomas on May 4, 2009

“We are all partners in our clients’ success” sure we say it but do we mean it. If your client gave you the trust and creative leg room you needed what kind billing contract would you agree to?

Beyond Madison Avenue has Coke’s new rules for engagement and they are worth a read:

How Coke’s new compensation will work:
BEFORE: Agencies and Coke negotiate in advance how much profit the former will see on a given project.
AFTER: Agency is guaranteed only recouped costs, with any profit coming only if certain targets are met.

BEFORE: Agency decides what Coke should pay for a project based on the time it expects to expend on it.
AFTER: Coke tells agencies how valuable a project is based on strategic importance, whether other agencies could deliver the same outcome, and other factors.

Remember what you’ve read…because if it works, it’s COMING SOON TO A CLIENT NEAR YOU!


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