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Alex Bogusky on Selling Great Creative.

Posted in Make Friends by Ryan Thomas on May 5, 2009

Yesterday I caught a twitter from Alex Bogusky who only recently returned to Twitter – It asked what question was burning on the minds of young students. Through the magic of twitter and social media here’s the answer I received at 12am last night:

How have you and CP+B Group sold ground breaking work?

We don’t really sell. The reason is we actually try to solve the business problem and so there is no difficulty in presenting the ideas and no need to sell the work because we did what they wanted in a way that they couldn’t have imagined. We didn’t do it to be creative. Instead, we used creativity to move their business and leverage their budget.

The answer is something that I have read and heard many times before. I would like to think everyone has faith in their creative – what’s really telling is that to Alex “great ideas sell themselves” is the obvious answer. Which says more about the passion for the work CP+B brings to the table than any agency client relationship or about great creative.

Many believe, few have faith.

Thanks Alex.


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