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Moving to C-level pastures.

If your reading this there is a way bigger party in town.

I’ve joined the ranks of the business owners and opened up my own shop – Switch Advertising.

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To the 10,000+ people who have read this blog thank you.


Dunlop World Record – How good are you tires?

Posted in Change Something, Method to the Madness, Too Close To Call by Ryan Thomas on May 25, 2009

Tire companies must be in a bind. As automotive sales shrink they must be sweating buckets. Maybe a little bit of fear is a good thing though. It makes marketers ready to reach outside of the box and do something daring to drive sales.

The big tire manufactures often rely on fear to sell product. “We care about your family road safety, do you?” frankly I blame this on the success of one baby:


This image is linked to an Ogilvy Goodyear case study for further reading.

Now with the marketing falling apart here comes a tire company with something viral and just all around different:

The way I figure it, if you’re going to be late to the party at least bust in the front door with a motorcycle and a Texas mickey of Jim Beam.


Ray-Ban! Yarn! Bravia! That Lego Stunt!

Posted in Going somewhere?, Method to the Madness, Too Close To Call by Ryan Thomas on May 7, 2009

People will never get tired off rolling things downhill.


Yup that’s Ray-Ban’s new never hide film. Credit where credit is due. There is a brand specific punchline in the film. Though I think in the future every brand should be looking at the web space and asking “do we have a ball rolling down a hill spot?”

Here is a lego ball rolling down hill…

And just because I haven’t seen it in a while here is the Bravia spot.

And balls rolling for social justice.

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Vimeo + Honda Insight = Magic.

Posted in Too Close To Call by Ryan Thomas on April 27, 2009

I have not finished my morning coffee – the brain is not 100% yet so I’ll leave the implications aside for a moment and ask you to re-watch Honda “Let it shine” Insight spot over on Vimeo:


If you have seen the Wii Shake It spot done for WarioLand specifically for YouTube you have seen this kind of site domination before.

(Via Adverblog)

I’ve yet to finish my morning coffee so I’m going to leave the Vimeo vs. Youtube debate for another time. Suffice to say – I love the Honda video.

Did Twitter just jump the shark!?!

Posted in Too Close To Call by Ryan Thomas on April 24, 2009

Somali Pirates are following me on twitter. Seriously.

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We are all in agreement, this is stunning.

Posted in Too Close To Call by Ryan Thomas on April 23, 2009

Tribal DDB, Amsterdam + Stink Digital + Adam Berg + Philips = Brilliant.

CAROUSEL, A short film

Ok so it’s amazing – now how many of you saw this over YouTube, and how many were directed to the 21:9 Cinema Philips site and saw the products Philips is promoting?

On the site – this video is a huge value add that gets me engaged with Philips products – via YouTube it’s just a really cool video.

It’s almost a shame that more slow seeding leg work did not go into this project. I almost wish it never appeared on YouTube.

Still, it’s stunning. Seriously.

Much More Advertising Music.

Posted in Blue States, Too Close To Call by Ryan Thomas on April 7, 2009

This deserves it’s own post. The most insane use of music to pitch a product, possibly ever.

BK + Sir Mix Alot + Sponge Bob = WTFZOMBBQ

Apparently parent groups are bothered by this spot. I’m less bothered, but I might take a shower.


I have grown to love and laugh at the this spot. It’s a whole kind of bazzar that just feels good natured. The remix… less wonderful.

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Brand New – Art in burger grease! Arby’s!

Posted in Too Close To Call by Ryan Thomas on March 14, 2009

*UPDATE* A word from Fletcher Martin!

Hi there. Fletcher Martin, in Atlanta, Ga – the agency I work for created the web video. And I appreciate your kind words about it. Just so you know, we’ve seeded the video across the web and judge the success of the viral by the total views. The number you’re seeing on youtube is just a small part of the total. For example, the artist, Phil Hansen also has the video on his youtube page – “mona greasa” and his view count is around 7,000 so far. We’re in the process of seeding and managing the viral growth and that’s why you would’ve seen the video as a reply to the CNN video you mentioned. One part of viral seeding strategy is to use your video to respond to another popular video. Thanks for posting our video and check out Phil’s other work at – the guy really is awesome. And of course, go try a Roastburger at Arby’s!

Since I first posted this, it has been linked to “Ron Paul debates Stephen Baldwin on Legalizing Marijuana on CNN Larry King”. I have a funny feeling that at only 1,200 views so far on YouTube the advertising agency behind this is starting to get nervous.

Which is a shame because I think it’s a great little spot- it’s smart and it really does separate Arby’s from other fast food chains.

I think the spot was done by Merkley + Partners, correct me if I’m wrong Fletcher Martin.


And Remember if it turns clear it’s your window to weight gain!

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More 3D stuff – This time from Topps Baseball Cards.

Posted in Too Close To Call by Ryan Thomas on March 12, 2009

Topps has just released a new line of baseball cards. Pointing these cards at your webcam will make them come to life.

It’s like GE’s 3D print out. Will it save trading cards? Or at the very least bring them back to their former glory?

I doubt it, but it’s kinda neat.

March is now to be known as “Overstepping your bounds month”

Posted in Too Close To Call by Ryan Thomas on March 6, 2009

First Happy Corp. incurs the wrath of MoMA, bloggers and the graffiti community in one poster-boy swoop.

Now this:

The Creativity site is subscription only after a few days... so read it now, since you can.

The Creativity Magazine site is subscription only after a few days... so read it now, since you can.

Social media one-upmanship continued in the digital community this morning when’s digital effort for, which encourages candy fans to “learn to speak Snacklish,” prompted an immediate brandjack from a crosstown rival led by a former creative. is a bare page done up in Snickers brown, with room for a user to turn text into a Snickers logo as well as a feed of a Twitter search for “snckrz,” an element similar to Masterfoods’ recent Skittles homepage redesign, also fashioned by

But wasn’t a Masterfoods-led project, and isn’t affiliated with the brand officially.

Seems digital shop Poke decided to have a little fun. I don’t know about you but though fun is fun, messing with my agency’s cilents would make me a little nervous.

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