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Moving to C-level pastures.

If your reading this there is a way bigger party in town.

I’ve joined the ranks of the business owners and opened up my own shop – Switch Advertising.

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To the 10,000+ people who have read this blog thank you.


Bos in Montreal for RONA

Posted in From Canada, Win Awards by Ryan Thomas on May 5, 2009

I love the playfulness of this.


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Who’s the King of Selfpromotion?

Posted in Blue States, Method to the Madness, Win Awards by Ryan Thomas on March 28, 2009

I have been told that Alex Boguskey is the king of selfpromotion. I take these kinds of comments with a a grain of salt. This is an industry of husslers, thats what we do.

But if these two things are unrelated, I’ll eat the hat I am wearing:

First Alex writes about his love of small shops on AdAge:


Then AdAge starts promoting its Small Agency Awards:


It’s a Sleeman’s trucker hat, I’m hung over, sue me.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Alex can cut a mean promo.

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File Under – Wish I Had Thought Of That.

Posted in Global Outlook, Win Awards by Ryan Thomas on March 27, 2009


McCann Erickson, I hate you right now. Koodos!

Though that insight could have been done for a few different cancers – why is no one focusing on male cancers? After all Terry Fox ran for EVERYBODY.

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How much has culture changed?

Posted in Win Awards by Ryan Thomas on March 23, 2009

About this much:


Honest effort to change the world or crass marketing scheme? Regardless this site never would have been created 5 years ago.

I see a few issues with what they are proposing (logistics would be a nightmare), but in the grand sense of things the D&AD already has a green pencil.

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The Old Hat Issue: Awards and Digital Shops

Posted in Make Friends, Win Awards by Ryan Thomas on March 23, 2009

How much does your digital specialist shop do for you? Do they deserve equal billing when the awards start rolling in?

Seems Poke was credited as a production company on the Million project (Droga5). Poke just showed us how helpful it could be recently with snckrz, and being masters of online community building, raised issue with the production credit in a very low key way:

Via AgencySpy:

“It was a true partnership where POKE worked hand in hand with the fine folks at Droga to create a comprehensive digital and mobile strategy along with a full-term roll-out plan on how to take Million to the world.

There really needs to be a way to ensure everyone leaves happy from these exchanges. Do we need prenups like all the big stars?

I have always found that finding the digital shop behind a peice of work is the hardest task in crediting work that appears here. I think it’s time that should change.

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Guess I should have mentioned the Andy’s Reel is up.

Posted in Global Outlook, Win Awards by Ryan Thomas on March 20, 2009

The Andy’s Web Site: click!

And Leo Burnett in Toronto took home Gold for their James Ready billboards.

JR_Billboards_3 pages.indd

I went to the same school as Steve Persico (the writer on this piece) and my program chair has never stopped praising the brain on this guy.

Other work that has made the list:

CLM BBD – Alka Seltzer(2008)


Droga5 – The Great Schlep (2008)

How to win a CASSIE or an Effie

Posted in Get High Fives, Global Outlook, Make Friends, Win Awards by Ryan Thomas on March 4, 2009

Start by paying attention to the European Union. It’s no substitute for creative content but as for an effective way to reach a highly targeted market, simply amazing.

So if you’re setting yourself a goal for creative use of media, try beating this case from German agencies Lukas Lindemann Rosinski and Jung Von Matt.

Cost effective, current, in short smart.