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More on the Toronto Alliance

Posted in Blue States, Change Something, From Canada, Make Friends by Ryan Thomas on May 4, 2009

If you needed more reasons to sign the petition check out the organic protest that has been cropping up in NYC, where illegal billboards are being reclaimed by public art.


If it’s being reported by Creativity Magazine you know it’s timely.

Sustainability in all things ladies and gentlemen.

Art and Advertising In Toronto

Posted in Bookmark PLZ, Change Something, From Canada by Ryan Thomas on May 4, 2009

Frankly I would love too see this project come together.


The idea is simple, a service charge for billboards which fund local art. Now before you balk at the idea of spending more it’s worth thinking about what you get in return:

Public Art: When visual clutter contains images and works of non-commercial value consumers are rewarded for paying attention.

Engagement: If you have ever been told to dumb down outdoor work – here is your solution. A stimulated and challenged population is actively thinking about what they are seeing.Which means you can advertise more interesting ideas.

Brand Equity: Your clients brand may never be allowed inside the ROM or AGO outside of sponsorship but with art in public spaces the entire city becomes a gallery – with your work hanging right along side.

The Creative Class: There has been a lot of talk about how to attract creative talent for the long term prosperity of the City of Toronto. Prosperity as you are well aware means buying power – this could be a chance for many brands to stop fighting the competition and start growing the market.

I’m sure some of you will balk at the idea of paying for public art -but it worked for VISA. So if you really belive in the art of advertising, jump on board sign the petition, you don’t even have to out yourself on a blog.

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