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Ad Schooling In Canada – Has What It Takes

Posted in Change Something, From Canada by Ryan Thomas on July 16, 2009

Below is a letter I have just written to the editor of Marketing Magazine about their August front page feature. I’m posting it here in it’s entirety. Social networking don’t fail me now:


I called today about the feature in the August issue, a few students currently in the program had texted me today when they saw almost no mention of Seneca@York in the piece. My heart went out to them.

Seneca’s CAB program has done some amazing things to stay adaptive in the recent years – as we talk about breaking down silos like in the Juniper Park article in the same issue (page 9) Seneca is one of the few schools that is putting its money where its mouth is. Not simply focusing on copy and art but by teaching an integrated platform of creative advertising, strategy, trend tracking, and public relations with ever increasing focus on the digital spectrum.

Outside of this unique core structure, staff have provided real client briefs to every class for years. This policy of real clients, spearheaded by real agencies was long in effect before my enrollment in the program and because of the creative and business streams taught at the school, it’s much deeper than simply being handed a brief.

Last I checked, Anthony Kalamut program coordinator of Seneca was also advising of the building the advertising curriculum of St. Marguerite d’Youville Secondary School. How this amazing program was not worth mention by your writer is beyond me. Now finishing its second year, Diana has done at the high school level what Humber is still trying to do at the collegiate level.

This year the grade 12 class pitched The Planet In Focus Film Festival to real clients on a three week creative turn around. Real Projects, Real Clients.

I understand the pressures on today’s modern publishers. Tight deadlines, quick turnaround times, but these interviews were conducted at Portfolio Night in Toronto. It’s one thing to miss a few schools when asking if young students “have what it takes to make an impact”, quite another to miss the events lead educational sponsor and the only school to put advertising dollars into supporting this industry event.

Matt if you think I’m bias, ask Scott Goodson – he thought Seneca was worth mention.

Seneca College & IHAVEANIDEA = Portfolio Night Global!

Posted in From Canada by Ryan Thomas on April 27, 2009

IHAVEANIDEA’s global portfolio night is picking up sponsors left and right.  It’s amazing to see the growth of this passionate organization – well before I ever went to school, IHAVEANIDEA’s industry nights exposed me to the Toronto advertising community and offered the perfect after work cocktail.

I’m proud to say that the Creative Advertising Program @ Seneca College is now the Toronto educational sponsor of this year’s Portfolio Night.


A special thanks goes to Anthony Kalamut the chair of the CAB program who probably single handedly pushed this sponsorship into being.

Why Juniors Matter.

Posted in From Canada by Ryan Thomas on April 6, 2009

I just pulled this off of the web space of one mister Anthony Kalamut. Seneca teaches both business and creative sides of the advertising biz.

This logo was created by a student of his currently looking for an internship:


Clean, clear, and the concept is there.

Then today I just noticed a low rez image on the side of this blog:


I have no clue who wrote it, but take this line around your work and if your co-workers can not see the brilliance in this statement… well you might need new co-workers.

Holy Carp! My Old Teacher just showed up on Scott Goodson’s blog!

Posted in From Canada by Ryan Thomas on March 26, 2009


I think this is worth a read…

Scott Goodson of Strawberry Frog (you already knew that) just interviewed one of the most passionate ad educators you’ll ever meet – Anthony Kalamut (Professor | Program Chair of Creative Advertising and Seneca College School of Communication Arts).

In fact saying that this little interview is “worth a read” would discredit me as a copywriter – this piece is in fact, simply one of the most inspiring reads for young creative talent.

Here is JUST one of the the questions:

Anything else you wish to add about young adlanders?

Hire more juniors.

If you’re willing to shepherd them just a little, the returns are as massive as penny stocks or Seattle.

They cared about the environment before green washing.

They wore street ware before 7-up or Threadless caught on.

They are multi-cultural to a degree that puts this industry to shame.

They always knew bankers where up to something.

They will sell their blood, sweat and tears for one chance at greatness.

How do I know this?

Because I get up every morning for these kids and I can call them my kids because I’m proud to say I have watched them grow into real live “adlanders”.

Seeing that published, even if it’s just in the blog-o-sphere makes me jump with joy!