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More on BioShock2 – virtual to real world marketing

Posted in Change Something, From Canada, Get High Fives, Global Outlook by Ryan Thomas on August 9, 2009

Back when I posted about the BioShock2 website, people all over the internet guessed at where the marketing team behind the project was taking this event.

Now there is more on the BioShock2 ambient and digital advertising.

Long story short it’s brilliant:


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Marketers have caught up with Facebook, what’s next?

Posted in Change Something by Ryan Thomas on March 24, 2009

We play a lot of video games – and as accessibility and money flow into gaming we’ll probably play a lot more. Take a moment and look at the new project started by OnLive:


Beyond the lag compression software and the cloud computing are amazing opportunities for social networking, advergaming and community support. I see this kind of idea affecting ARG campaigns in a real and amazing way.

There is no telling what the future of this business will look like, so I just wanted to keep you updated on what might be coming your way.

For more on this article IGN has the details. My god I’m a nerd!

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New Alternate Reality Game (ARG) from Bioshock’s Take-Two?

Posted in Global Outlook by Ryan Thomas on March 6, 2009

Bioshock2 is on the horizon and with the success of the Halo launches, the almost yearlong teasers for Batman, it seems Take-Two is throwing their hat into the ring.

Nothing like taking one of the most passionate consumer groups on the planet and teasing them with insider info. It’s a great recipe for frothing fans.

So first these posters show up:

Ground Level Marketing for Big Hype Launch.

Ground Level Marketing for Big Hype Launch.

And a teaser site goes live:

Excited yet?

Excited yet?

This is starting to look like a fully integrated marketing experience.  Right now if you Google “There’s something under the Sea”, of the 18,100,000 hits, the first 5 pages are all blogs chattering about the story. The blog Super Punch has even gone as far as looking for books matching this title on Amazon and finding fountains that resemble the Art Deco theme that permeates the Bioshock universe.

All of this of course has happened within the last 12 hours.

I’ll update this post as more info becomes available. In the meantime, read up on ARG’s. They truly are the most honest expression of a branded experience you can find – physical, digital, fully interactive and focused on a single goal.

IF (big if) you have the time here is a 43 page case study on the three stages of one of the biggest ARG collective gaming experiences ever – the launch of HALO 2 or “I love bee’s”.

What follows are some of this emerging marketing tools greatest hits:

Batman The Dark Night: I Believe in Harvey Dent

Google and find the billboards that started it all. Discovering is half the excitement.

Google and find the billboards that started it all. Discovering is half the excitement.

Halo 2: I love Bees

Oh how amazing it was when this went down.

Oh how amazing it was when this went down.

Down the wiki-hole and loose a day of your life, if you dare.

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