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Moving to C-level pastures.

If your reading this there is a way bigger party in town.

I’ve joined the ranks of the business owners and opened up my own shop – Switch Advertising.

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Marketers who have got it right: TV and Film

Posted in Change Something by Ryan Thomas on July 28, 2009

I have been amazed recently.

Not by the combination of witty picture with funny headline that your average Creative Director wants to see from young creatives book but by the zany consumer first schemes of the movie and television industry.

Seriously. We talk a good game about putting the consumer first but I can’t wait till every product is as daring and as strategic as those of our film and movie marketing brothers.

Right now, this very second the internet is awash in the creation of content to fuel the consumption of content.

Wrap your head around that.

Creating content in a verity of media and public spaces to encourage the consumption of revenue generating content.

Welcome to Hype Machine 2.0

The hit television show Lost brought commercials to a comic con. An event awash in marketing messages. This backwards strategy has payed off large and might never show up at Cannes.

Meanwhile at the San Diego Comic Con Disney created a fully interactive world and photo experience for guests.


Locally an abandoned Queen Street store front has been converted into a Harry Potter Set for the upcoming film.

These brave souls are rewarding their consumers and honestly making them apart of the experince.

I’ll even admit that I never watched a potter film, or Lost, but both of these experences caught my eye. I’ll consider them in the future.

For to long marketers have acted like the guy with a gutiar at a house party. Demanding the attention of the room and making it impossible to have a conversation. I hate those guys. It’s really hard to charm someone when your fighting with Under the Bridge for the 100th time.

Sometimes when I see great work on the internet, I still can’t shake the feeling that some CD’s are still bringing their gutiar to the party. Sure sometimes it works and you get a sing along most of the time you just still look like a wanker.

If we are commited to social spaces, we need to be commited to the people that make up those social spaces. Put down the gutair and hire an event planner or two – then get really crazy and let them into the creative breif.

The Hidden Cameras team up with PETA

Posted in Change Something, From Canada by Ryan Thomas on May 4, 2009

Gotta love this headline – PETA’s efforts to stop the Canadian Seal Hunt:


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More on Suzanne Pope!

Posted in From Canada, Go Read A Book by Ryan Thomas on March 30, 2009

Seems she did a course on writing for the ICA.

Here’s hoping she’ll teach it again:

But whatever you decide, I hope you will decide to write. Because we as writers have a problem. And for us, the only way out is the way through.

– Suzanne Pope 2009

Killzone Ads Pulled From Toronto Bus Shelters

Posted in From Canada, Going somewhere? by Ryan Thomas on March 15, 2009

A Scarborough (Toronto suburb) teacher recently got Killzone 2 ads pulled from bus shelters around the city. His complaint sounds reasonable at first:

Teacher Davis Mirza emailed Sony Canada, which makes PlayStation games, after seeing an ad for Killzone 2 in the bus shelter near his Scarborough school. “My kids, who come from a lot of different countries, who have to experience violence, who basically come here to seek shelter and safety, that’s the stuff they don’t need to see,” said the Grade 4/5 teacher at Pauline Johnson Junior Public School, near Birchmount Rd. and Sheppard Ave. E. The central image in the ad is a “menacing head with glowing eyes,” wearing a mask with a breathing tube, Mirza said. The secondary image shows what appears to be a war zone, “like Iraq,” he said. – Via the Toronto Star

Yet Geekology’s poster has already responded with a brilliant observation – the article makes no mention of any of the kids complaining. Maybe it’s because these ads have been been running on tv:

Or maybe because kids are far smarter than we often give them credit for. They take in information faster and are far more critical of the adult world than many adults seem to think.

I think your average kid deserves more credit.

It’s also worth noting that ads like these ran 6 stories tall in Toronto and their was not an out-break of kids becoming prostitutes.


Need a drink afterwork?

Posted in Going somewhere? by Ryan Thomas on March 4, 2009

Ultra has under gone a revamp a little north of Toronto’s advertising slums. I think you’ll find the decor very creative directors ego chic.

Check it out on thecoolhunter.

Roosters... Is that what the kids are calling them now a days?

Roosters... Is that what the kids are calling them now a days?

Ha creative director jokes. They never get old.

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Keeping up with the underdog.

Posted in From Canada by Ryan Thomas on March 2, 2009

Here is a digital shop to keep your eye on.


Cloudrakers site might be hard on the DSL line but it's worth it for the copy alone.

Cloudrakers site might be hard on the DSL line but it's worth it for the copy alone.

They just finished the launch of a new Global Asics site for the Onisuka Tiger line and it’s the kind of site you can get lost in.

Montreal's Cloudraker brought what was working in video to the web to help create a new feel for the brand.

Montreal's Cloudraker brought what was working in video to the web to help create a new feel for the brand.

*Be warned though both sites are a little resource heavy, I had to close tabs to get them running smoothly.*

You have to give credit to the brand marketers working for Asics on Onisuka Tiger, in the last few years their efforts and zeitgeist of sneaker culture have really separated this brand as a stand out from the rest of the Asics brand family. In commissioning this site, Tiger no longer feels like a brand extension but a fully formed destination.

Now just to bring you up to speed – this work comes on the back of Amsterdam Worldwide’s work on the Zodiac Race:

The making of the Zodiac Race:

Which brings us to the title of this post.

The quirky personality of this spot and the new web destination really speak to the Onisuka Tiger brand position, finding a style and a voice in the highly advertised and award winning shoe category can’t be easy for any brand.

I think this effort goes a long way toward establishing a quirky highly stylized voice for the brand.