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G.I. Joe virals all over the place!

Posted in Global Outlook, To close to call by Ryan Thomas on July 23, 2009

I don’t know if you ever saw the Warren Ellis Cartoon Network shorts, but if you haven’t let’s say you’re missing out.

Now with the movie moving forward, weird “virals” have started to appear. I’m not gonna lie to you, viral spots have started to feel dated. You can see the moment of the shift, designed to surprise and get you to link something.

But hey, any excuse to post about the Warren Ellis version is good in my books.


Now with these new videos promoting the wonders of power suits, I sorta wonder why the marketing teams behind this did not reach out to nerdcore rappers and produce something like this done with new movie footage:

Branded Dancing – Why not hire Improv Everywhere?

Posted in Method to the Madness by Ryan Thomas on April 22, 2009

Pretty Green and Initials Marketing have created a viral dancing sketch for Trident and Beyonce, but lets have some fun and track this one backwards.

Here is Pretty Green’s offering:

Which is of course just a reworking of T-mobiles dance party:

Which of course is a just a dance version of an old Improv Everywhere sketch:

Now stay with me here.

All of this really was started when brand Last Minute (dot) Com borrowed an Improv Everywhere idea and produced their airport musical:

Here is the original Improv Sketch:

I think it’s fair to say that what once started as a quirky and unique stunt style has become a full blow genre now.

It’s not enough to simply perform this kind of stunt anymore, it’s about doing it with equity and originality.

I’m not sure that Pretty Green has done that here. They have borrowed equity and really struggled to bring anything interesting to the table.

That being said when NBC got involved with Improv they made magic that was a real benefit to every brand and cultural group involved.

That is how you engage a real community and create something profound for your brand.

Inspiration Corner: Girl Sends Striper to Her Reunion

Posted in Blue States, Make Friends by Ryan Thomas on April 22, 2009

This woman is brilliant. Cunning and funny and full of soul.

I love when people find brand new takes on old genres.

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Amazing what you can do in the EU

Posted in Global Outlook, Shop Talk by Ryan Thomas on April 22, 2009

Seriously. Put aside all issues of taste, it’s amazing what clients will go for in the European Union.

Jungstil is an online shopping destination from Germany and this is their new intended viral video:

Creative: Nordpol | Hamburg
Seeding: elbkind | Hamburg

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Targeted Viral Seeding.

Posted in Method to the Madness, Shop Talk by Ryan Thomas on April 6, 2009

If you’re seeding viral videos, or spreading your marketing message, one of the keys is to clearly define your targets.

Many an agency today has a policy of dump and pray when it comes to non-traditional offerings. They dump a video onto YouTube, link the hell out of it and hope for the best.

How about instead of DUMP and PRAY we first create a valuable opportunity for taste leaders to break stories.

How about this when crafting a non-traditional digital offering (“viral”). Do it the same way you would a PR piece.

  1. Who are the taste makers most likely to pick up on it?
  2. What element of our story appeals to all these influencers?
  3. Reach out to these taste makers with well crafted and two way communication.  (Remember to be transparent)
  4. Could we spin this story to appeal to a different subgroup of taste makers?
  5. Re-spin and send out secondary wave of outreach.

If all this fails, then you may D&P (Dump and Pray) – or link to unrelated popular YouTube content.

On second thought never do that. Ever.

Just to help you get your viral into the right hands – here is a web trend map of the 333 most influential sties and the 111 most influential Internet people graphed out on the Toyko Subway system.

Get your video onto a station, and it will ride the whole line in one form or another.


Fake Mini Viral

Posted in Global Outlook by Ryan Thomas on April 6, 2009

Thank you GmBh. Understanding the environment in which your work exists is a great thing. Understanding leads to great copy.

They’re Fake! We’re Fake! Yup, It’s a Viral:


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Another job lost to a robot.

Posted in Global Outlook by Ryan Thomas on March 30, 2009

One of the major problems I have found with a lot of social media is the need to sift though garbage to find the gems.

Here is a great little app for tracking what’s hot and how big a video is getting. Anthony Kalamut likens it to the old school chum top 40. Me personally, I’m waiting till the Mac Talk version of Casey Casum is hosting them.

Click Image, Bookmark.

Click Image, Bookmark.