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Moving to C-level pastures.

If your reading this there is a way bigger party in town.

I’ve joined the ranks of the business owners and opened up my own shop – Switch Advertising.

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Marketers who have got it right: TV and Film

Posted in Change Something by Ryan Thomas on July 28, 2009

I have been amazed recently.

Not by the combination of witty picture with funny headline that your average Creative Director wants to see from young creatives book but by the zany consumer first schemes of the movie and television industry.

Seriously. We talk a good game about putting the consumer first but I can’t wait till every product is as daring and as strategic as those of our film and movie marketing brothers.

Right now, this very second the internet is awash in the creation of content to fuel the consumption of content.

Wrap your head around that.

Creating content in a verity of media and public spaces to encourage the consumption of revenue generating content.

Welcome to Hype Machine 2.0

The hit television show Lost brought commercials to a comic con. An event awash in marketing messages. This backwards strategy has payed off large and might never show up at Cannes.

Meanwhile at the San Diego Comic Con Disney created a fully interactive world and photo experience for guests.


Locally an abandoned Queen Street store front has been converted into a Harry Potter Set for the upcoming film.

These brave souls are rewarding their consumers and honestly making them apart of the experince.

I’ll even admit that I never watched a potter film, or Lost, but both of these experences caught my eye. I’ll consider them in the future.

For to long marketers have acted like the guy with a gutiar at a house party. Demanding the attention of the room and making it impossible to have a conversation. I hate those guys. It’s really hard to charm someone when your fighting with Under the Bridge for the 100th time.

Sometimes when I see great work on the internet, I still can’t shake the feeling that some CD’s are still bringing their gutiar to the party. Sure sometimes it works and you get a sing along most of the time you just still look like a wanker.

If we are commited to social spaces, we need to be commited to the people that make up those social spaces. Put down the gutair and hire an event planner or two – then get really crazy and let them into the creative breif.

Ambient Ideas: Nightshade

Posted in Blue States by Ryan Thomas on April 6, 2009

If you have not noticed summer nights are pretty busy in our major urban areas. How about doing something that has not been done in a long time – something primal that calls up images of Plato and the cave.

I give you modern day shadow puppets. Throw in some solar panels and some LED’s and you have yourself a low carbon footprint city beautification project.




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Another job lost to a robot.

Posted in Global Outlook by Ryan Thomas on March 30, 2009

One of the major problems I have found with a lot of social media is the need to sift though garbage to find the gems.

Here is a great little app for tracking what’s hot and how big a video is getting. Anthony Kalamut likens it to the old school chum top 40. Me personally, I’m waiting till the Mac Talk version of Casey Casum is hosting them.

Click Image, Bookmark.

Click Image, Bookmark.

Writers & Artists raise a glass: Today is the anniversary of the pencil eraser!

Posted in Get High Fives by Ryan Thomas on March 30, 2009

A big thanks to the Smithsonian, who have found digital content to reward history buffs with.

Now write or draw or stick it up your nose. Today is all about the eraser.

Money just burning a hole in your pocket?

Posted in Going somewhere? by Ryan Thomas on March 25, 2009


When I tried to log on to Stimulant this morning I was met with this awesome 7 samurai as gorillas image. The event is a little cash heavy in these trying times but if you can rally the $300 I’m sure it will be an interesting day, and I have seen a lot more money spent for an event of this calibre.

That being said I have to give praise to Adverting Week in NYC’s Matt Scheckner for putting on so many free events for the community. It’s worth the trip down. I know that the ICA is building on its Canadian Advertising Week by trying to do the same in 2010.

Often the people who take away the most for these events are those junior staff who are last in line for tickets. I hope that as the date nears Stimulant will offer a student and junior discount.

Now the only issue is I’m torn as to going to this event or buying a fixie that makes me look like an art director:


Republic ships you a bag of parts for $344 and you build it yourself. That’s why the price is so very low. The other bonus is that you can get parts in any colour and customize your own bike. Someone needs to do a probono for these guys – it’s got a wonderful set of USP’s and a quirky brand personality.

If you’re an art director looking for a balling way to roll into work, click on their site and build your own skittles bike.

Art, event management and strategy in one post. Now all I have to do is find away to post Fallon’s HD experiment and I’m done for the day!


This has been showing up everywhere: The Periodic Table of Typefaces

Posted in Method to the Madness by Ryan Thomas on March 24, 2009

I’m sure you have seen this by now, but in case you haven’t:


No idea on the credits, the who’s or the whys, I just thought I would share.


Ryan Bannon an art director here in Toronto wanted you to know, there is a mole skin collectors edition of Helvetica:

The why’s are simple, in the typography community particularly the Type Design community she who is the dorkiest (and I mean this in the manic genius kind of way) wins. If that means owning the special edition blu-ray disc of Helvetica or even more importantly the limited edition commemorative moleskine you win. Plain and simple. So, if you missed out on your opportunity to get your grubby paws on either what are you forced to do? Take the two dorkiest things possible, (an obsession with type and the periodic table of the elements) fuse them together in to one monolithic ode to your geekdom and claim your prize.

Art Directors Need Love Too!

Posted in Make Friends by Ryan Thomas on March 23, 2009

I think today I have been neglecting the art directors that read this blog. To make amends, I offer these stunning visual idea starters:



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